Maps API Technology

A map designed for YOUR app.

Besides the best imagery, Maps API has the features, the speed and the user experience to suit your app. Our API is built on the world's best technology that powers maps for thousands of businesses - and it's super-easy to get started.

See some examples of how to build applications on top of the best imagery everywhere in the world.

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Choose the license that suits your application

Want a map style with your look and feel? Go for it!
Need to keep your user data to yourself? Makes sense.
Let users extract features from images? No problem.
How about caching so your app keeps working offline? We can help.
Learn more about our flexible licensing rights

Global infrastructure

Our platform has a 99.9% uptime guarantee. See our uptime stats here.

Maps API Pricing

Whether you are developing a new killer application or you've already got millions of users,
we have the pricing plans and license terms to fit your needs.

per month
Put world-class satellite imagery in your Free App.
20,000 map views
Free Apps only
View License

Satellite, Street & Terrain Maps
Online Developer Documentation
Email Support
per month
Grow your Free App with more available map views.
100,000 map views
Free Apps only
View & Derive License

Satellite, Street & Terrain Maps
Online Developer Documentation
Email Support
per month
Get generous map views and support for Paid Apps.
250,000 map views
Free and Paid Apps
View & Derive License

Satellite, Street & Terrain Maps
Online Developer Documentation
Email Support
per month
Massive map views for serious Free and Paid Apps that even work offline!
1,000,000 map views
Free and Paid Apps
View, Derive & Download

Satellite, Street, Terrain & Custom Maps
Online Developer Documentation
Dedicated Support Specialists
Need even more maps views?   Want to support Internal Apps?   Contact Us for Enterprise Pricing

DigitalGlobe Maps API has the flexibility to support your business model:

  1. Free Apps are available for anyone to access on the open web without a subscription fee or to download for free from the app store.
  2. Paid Apps require users to pay a subscription or some other usage fee in order to access the web site or download the app.
  3. Internal Apps run behind an enterprise firewall and are available only to your employees, customers or internal users. Contact us to learn more.

DigitalGlobe Maps API offers the data license to suit your application:

  1. View License allows users to view and interact with Maps API content on your publically available web or mobile app.
  2. Derive License allows users to trace, draw, extract or derive geospatial features from satellite imagery. We deliver the data, you own the results.
  3. Download License allows users to download satellite images within your app on their local device. Online or offline, the map keeps working.


  • How many map views do I need?

  • 20,000 map views is plenty for testing your app with less than 100 users.
    100,000 map views is suitable for web and mobile apps with less than 1,000 monthly users.
    250,000 map views is good for apps with less than 5,000 monthly users or a smaller number of heavy users.
    1,000,000 map views should be plenty for larger apps. If you need more, contact us about Enterprise pricing.
  • What are the payment options?

  • Currently, we only accept credit cards that are charged on a recurring monthly basis.
  • How often will I be billed?

  • You'll be billed on monthly basis, recurring on the day of the month you signed up.
  • Can I change my subscription?

  • You can change your subscription anytime by logging into your account.
  • Note: Paid Apps are unable to move to Starter or Free tiers.
  • What happens if I need additional help with integration?

  • Feel free to contact us. We have a great team of geospatial pros here to help you.
  • Have additional questions before signing up?

  • Got a question? Reach out to us at